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Millcreek Optometry Centre and our team of optometrists and opticians pledge premium eye care and eyewear for optimum eye health and the best vision possible.

Our premium eye care services include:
Latest technologies and products to help us diagnose potential vision problems and eye diseases in their earliest stages. vision-saving treatment resulting in healthier eyes and better vision from early childhood right through the aging process. When requiring vision correction for children, this is especially important because if their eyewear is comfortable and stylish, they will be more inclined to adapt to their use.

Enhanced early detection and management of eye diseases and other conditions that affect your vision have also improved the quality of prescription eyewear.

Comprehensive eye exams that may reveal the need for treatment, monitoring, or corrective lenses, we have the ability to serve all of your needs under one roof means less chance of error with your prescription.

Designer eyeglasses for men, women & children. Frames and lenses with improved design, resulting in glasses that are more comfortable and allow you to see more clearly while looking great. Whether you choose eyeglasses, contact lenses, or prescription sunglasses from our extensive selection, you can be assured of proper fitment and the best solution for your situation, resulting in healthier eyes and more comfortable vision.

Contact lenses have seen advancements in the materials used to make them which have made them more comfortable and they have improved capabilities for eye conditions that previously ruled them out as an option.


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