Pediatric Eye Exams

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Pediatric Eye Exams by Opticians in Edmonton at Millcreek Optometry Centre

Children 6 months to 19 years of age are covered by Alberta Health Care for annual eye exams with presentation of a valid Alberta Health Care card.

Our Edmonton eye care providers highly recommended your child be seen for their first eye exam between the ages of 6-12 months. This initial appointment can be used as a baseline exam and also serve as a way to catch any issues early on and to commence treatment if deemed necessary.

Pediatric eye exams can be used to assess:

  • Eye health and movement
  • Nearsightedness/farsightedness/astigmatism
  • Lazy eye

Pediatric Eye Exams by Millcreek Optometry Centre - Optometrists and Opticians in Edmonton

Millcreek Optometry Centre is proud to partner with the Eye See Eye Learn program here in Edmonton, Alberta which provides enrolled kindergarten-age children a one time FREE pair of prescription glasses after attending an eye exam at our clinic.