Top Five Things To Look For When Visiting An Optometrist

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Getting the proper eye care can be tricky, and you have to make sure you are going to an eye specialist who knows what they are doing. There are a lot of issues that you could face if they do not.

Unless people were facing real medical emergencies during the pandemic, most of them did not want to see a doctor because there was a chance that they could catch something along the way. Through the pandemic, people were getting as much of the information that they could remotely and would only meet us if their requirement was serious.

We learned that many of them were not prioritizing their requirements and taking it as it comes. There are some requirements to keep an eye on to make sure they are safe when getting through. We created a list of some of these to assist the patients who we work with, so they are unsure that they can get through the process.

1. A focus on eye health
An eye exam is more than just a glasses prescription. A full exam includes monitoring for eye disease, as well as, general health issues that can damage the eyes (such as diabetes). Early detection of these problems can prevent vision loss. People should start making it a practice to get their eyes checked regularly, at least every two years unless otherwise directed by their doctor. They can detect some issues at earlier stages through eye health, and others need some time. Other than providing information about glasses, optometrists should be able to find the actual issue instead of a temporary fix to the issue.

2. State-of-the-art equipment
Technology in the health industry has taken off in recent years, and there have been significant developments in the optometry industry. Retinal imaging (such as Optomap) provides a much better view of the inside of your eye compared to standard equipment. 

3. Good support staff
People often think that the only important information going into glasses is the prescription. That’s not true! Opticians take careful measurements and observations to ensure that the lenses sit in front of your eyes so that you see clearly and comfortably. When most people are getting through any medical process, they are already anxious and have to make sure they are in good hands. Having optimistic staff plays an important role, helping people get through the process and feel better by the end.

4. High-quality products
Two lenses may have the same prescription but provide very different qualities of vision. Not every lens is the same. Same with frames, low-quality frames tend to break or bend out of shape frequently. That doesn’t mean you need to break the bank! We provide only quality frames and lenses but have glasses in a variety of price ranges.

5. Trust
Trust is essential between you and your doctor, while for that matter, between any patient and doctor. Finding an optometrist you can trust makes you confident in your decisions regarding your eyes. Is a specific treatment necessary? Do I need to get new glasses? All of these decisions become much easier if you feel you can trust your doctor. 

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