Expanded Scope of Practice

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The earlier an eye disease is diagnosed and treatment is started, the better the outcome for a patient's vision. As your first line of defense, your Edmonton optometrists of Millcreek Optometry Centre have completed the necessary certification program and exams to expand their scope of practice according to monumental legislation by the province for optometrists to practice to the full extent of their education and training. The expansion of services was mandated to reduce wait times for patients requiring specialized care of ophthalmologists when eye disease is detected.

Focus on Sight Preservation

Many eye diseases and conditions can lead to blindness or permanent vision loss when diagnosis and treatment are delayed. In the province of Alberta, optometrists outnumber ophthalmologists nearly six to one, which meant previously there were extended wait times for patients needing confirmation of disease detection and early treatment starts. While Edmonton optometrists from Millcreek Optometry Centre will continue to work closely with eye care specialists, patients will have the benefit of early diagnosis and treatment that is crucial to maintaining the best vision possible when facing eye disease.

In addition to comprehensive eye exams with industry leading technology, the expanded scope of practice includes the following services for patients:

  • Lab testing for health conditions
  • Ordering and applying ultrasound exams as needed
  • Prescription of sight preserving medications
  • Diagnosis, management and early treatment of many forms of glaucoma
Proactive Vision Care

Optometrists are often your primary eye care providers, which means they are an integral part of being proactive in your vision care. Due to an aging population and longer lifespans, the numbers of people suffering from vision loss and blindness are growing at an exponential rate. The expanded scope of services can mitigate vision loss and help prevent blindness if you take full advantage. Your proactive role in preserving your vision begins with following a regular schedule of comprehensive eye exams with your Edmonton optometrists from the Millcreek Optometry Clinic. Our dedication to providing the best in care will provide your first line of defense against vision loss. Call 780-468-3390 or contact us to book your comprehensive eye exam.