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Optomap Imaging at Millcreek Optometry Centre

Millcreek Optometry-May 31, 2017

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idrop pure

Millcreek Optometry-Feb 04, 2016

If you have been suffering from dry eyes our practice has a new artificial tear for you to try. This new drop is called idrop pure. We believe it is a great drop because it is preservative free and it contains a substance called hyaluronate. Preservative free allows you to use the drop as many times per day as you want without adding additional drying chemical preservatives to your eye. After repeated doses of preservatives, the ocular surface becomes microscically damaged and therefore dryer. Hyaluronate is a slippery substance found in your joints. I like to refer to it as "joint juice." This slippery substance helps protect and lubricate the ocular surface and promotes healing. Because this drop is both slippery and preservative free we have found that our patients enjoy the same satisfaction through the day while using the drop half as much. If you have questions about idrop pure ask any of our eye care professionals. Read More