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Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses - Reputable and Affordable

Start with an Eye Exam

Not sure if contacts are right for you? Consult with an optometrist at Millcreek Optometry Centre in Edmonton. After you have had an eye exam, our eye doctors will determine if contact lenses are the right choice to improve your vision and get you started right away.

Premium Contact Lens Fitting and Training

As with any medical device, contact lenses must be carefully selected and properly fitted to ensure comfort and maximum vision correction. Your optometrists and opticians at Millcreek Optometry Centre want your experience with contact lenses to be rewarding, and most of all, safe. Our optometrists will take the necessary measurements to ensure your contacts are comfortable and choose the product that is best suited to your eyes from our extensive selection.

A contact lens fitting and training appointment includes the following:

  • a contact lens selection with an optometrist based on your individual needs, taking into account the shape of your eyes and your prescription.
  • a one-on-one training session with a licensed optician must be completed before the patient can leave the office with their new trial contact lens. The optician will demonstrate how to insert and remove the contact lens, as well as how to clean and care for the lenses. A one-time fee includes as many training sessions as needed for the patient to be successful.
  • once training is completed, the patient will need to return for a followup visit in 1-2 weeks, wearing the contact lenses for the optometrist to evaluate the fit and comfort and address any questions or concerns.
  • if both optometrist and patient are satisfied, the patient may progress to the next step of ordering/purchasing their chosen contact lens.

Affordable and Convenient

Reasons why you want to purchase your contacts through us:

  • we carry an extensive selection of name brands such as Alcon, Bausch & Lomb, Coopervision, Johnson & Johnson, and Viscon for hard contact lens wearers.
  • we offer better prices than most retailers, including our on-line competitors!
  • not only do we provide manufacturer rebates, but we also offer substantial in-office discounts on select brands and quantities. Contact us for more information or a quote!
  • ease and convenience time-wise for ordering and pick up. If your contacts need to be ordered in, it is usually only 2 business days for us to bring it in.
  • if there are problems or concerns with your contact lens purchase, such as faulty lenses or changes in prescription, we will be happy to help remedy the situation, within a reasonable time period.
  • we can direct bill to most insurances for your contact lens purchase on your behalf. Please see our appointment page for a list of insurance companies we may be able to bill.

Why risk your eye health to an unknown company when you can get premium contacts in Edmonton at highly competitive prices? Book an appointment today!

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